Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing and automation is an ecosystem of tools and mechanisms that helps to automate ongoing conversations with clients and maintains delivery of a high degree of personalised content. This allows us to make sure that subscribers receive tailored content they simply want to read.

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An important element of email marketing and automation is the integration of our email marketing system and website with analytics such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels. 

This enables us to gather information about subscribers beyond the standard metrics that are part of email campaigns.

While monitoring traffic to your site, analytics pairs the email addresses with cookies in the subscriber’s browser. Later, the data of identified recipients is available in our email marketing platform. The information collected this way allows us to create more effective campaigns that are targeted on the basis of user behaviour and the preferences of individual clients or customers.

Campaigns based on analytics data can be sent using our in-house autoresponders or a dedicated mailing prepared specifically for subscribers who have completed an established goal or set of goals.

Both methods are highly effective in supporting the sales and nurturing process. We can achieve a similar effect through the use of tracking codes - small pieces of code script that we place on a landing page or your website for example. This enables us to see whether a particular page has been visited and helps to evaluate the conversion rate of email marketing campaigns.

Using this data from email marketing campaigns and user behaviour on web pages we can plan a fully personalised communication strategy. We can then identify groups of subscribers with common characteristics and target them with messages that appeal directly to their needs.

Functionalities of email marketing and automation allows us to run a highly effective lead and client nurturing programs. We can, for example, design a newsletter with a special structure that contains one part with the main offer for all subscribers. Also an additional offer with dynamic content, which is entered automatically according to sales data ascribed to particular personas and email addresses. This way we can be certain that every newsletter contains something interesting for a particular recipient.

Why choose Revival Media for your email marketing campaigns?

Every fitness professional with an online presence should automate their promotions with highly personalised product or service offers to match individual customer profiles. This is absolutely essential to succeed in online sales. You can only reach your sales potential by sending the right offer to the right person at the right time. Regular email marketing lets you personalise your message and your offer to a fairly high degree but using behavioural data about the activities of users on your site makes more precise client profiles possible and drives conversion rates even higher.

The sales process is multidimensional and implementing as many of the tools and strategies as possible in order to maximise the flow of information between them is ideal. 

The array of email marketing services that we provide here at Revival Media Group are a perfect fit for your gym or fitness studio with our expertise and fine tuned email marketing infrastructure.

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