Blogging and branding go hand in hand like few other things online

Blogging and branding go hand in hand like few other things online

You might say that to blog is to brand your business, or that branding online is blogging online. That’s how connected these two Internet business concepts are.

Obviously, it hasn’t always been that way. What changed?

The Internet is constantly changing. Every time a new website is built, the Internet changes. Every time Google updates its algorithms, the Internet changes. Every time someone new conducts a search or uses social media, the Internet changes. But what’s that got to do with blogging or branding?

Branding is the act of positioning your business, service, products or brand in front of potential clients so that they recognise it the next time they see it. There’s no more perfect tool for that than your blog. Here are four ways to brand your business and its products and services through your blog:

1. Daily authority posting – Write great blog posts that grab people’s attention and make you a recognised expert.

2. Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter – Push your content out to pull your clients in.

3. Use videos effectively – Videos are powerful marketing tools. Create great videos, post them on YouTube and embed them on your blog.

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