Eight Important Gym Marketing Strategies

Eight Tips For Better Gym Marketing

1: Entice New clients with Special Introductory Offers

So how can you stand out amongst the competition? You need a great way to entice new customers to come in such as a personal training session, a week of free classes, or a 6 week transformation bootcamp.

Whatever you come up with, it needs to be compelling to give prospects a taste of what they could be getting by incorporating your gym into their lifestyle.

Not only does this get people interested, but it also is likely a successful way for this gym to get new contracts signed. 

Once these prospects get a taste of how they could improve their lifestyle, they will be much more likely to make a financial investment towards their personal fitness.

2 . Provide Great Reviews and Success Stories.

Reviews are very meaningful in fitness industry. Not only do gym marketers, need to solicit reviews from happy clients, but you also need to incorporate these reviews into your marketing tactics.

For instance, if you have high rating on Google-approved review platforms, incorporate these into your Google Ads

Use client quotes in your imagery for your facebook ads. Or even film a compelling customer testimonial video.

If your clients are happy, which they should be, you need to leverage this to help market your gym or fitness studio. It will make a considerable impact!

3. Share Motivational Advice

Your potential new clients may be considering your gym or fitness offerings, but they may just need that extra push to make the commitment. The most powerful motivational pushes come from client success photos.

Do not forget to motivate! This may be just the thing to encourage that lead to commit.

4: Run Instagram and Facebook Ads to Your Target Audience

You may already be running these ads, but are you targeting your audience in the most effective way possible? The great thing about advertising on Facebook and Instagram is that you can get very specific in terms of narrowing down your audience to ensure your ads are showing to the right people, in the right location, at the right time.

Targeting allows you to make your content laser focused on the best audience. For example, you can draft a copy about your gym speaking to people who are looking to get fit for their upcoming holiday .

This strategy adds another level of personalisation to your advertising that makes your prospects feel heard and understood – and it may even compel them to convert!

5. Boost Your Ads During Seasonally Relevant Campaigns

If you are in the fitness industry, you’re likely often tailoring your marketing toward individuals who are looking to accomplish some weight-loss-related goal, whether it’s to drop a few extra pounds or to make a larger lifestyle change.

The thing about weight loss is that motivation often strikes during specific times of the year.  There are the most obvious times, like New Years and right before the summer. 

You can also think outside the box for events such as weddings. Also make sure to do a stronger marketing push by becoming organised with engaging and seasonally relevant campaigns.

6: Direct Mail Is Still Alive

Direct mail instantly catches your attention when something is personally addressed to you. Whilst direct mail campaigns were a big thing back in the day, with the rapid growth of the internet and online advertising platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, it’s easy to forget about direct mailing campaigns.

Create a beautiful leaflet addressing your lead by name and making them feel special. Whether you’re sending a season greeting or promoting a special entry offer, get creative with your mailing campaigns to spark the attention of your future clients.

7: Offer a Trial or Bootcamp

The biggest hurdle to joining a gym or fitness studio for many is not even financially related; it’s motivation related. It often requires changing a routine and lifestyle that one has lived and felt comfortable in for years. This is why you need to break down any entry barriers for your potential clients.

One great way to do this is by offering a trial that allows leads to try out your service for a set period of time. 

Allowing new potential clients to come in for a week or so gives them time to make a decision and will increase the chances of getting a contract signed. They’ll be able to actually start making a new fitness goal part of their day-to-day and see that it is possible if you allow them to test the waters before committing.

8. Re-marketing: Remind Leads Why They Should Sign Up

One powerful tool that every gym marketer should use is the power of re-marketing. Remarketing will allow you to encourage those on the edge, interested, but not ready to commit leads to come back and learn more. It can be difficult to commit to a new gym or fitness studio so reminding leads what they are missing out on in a gentle way is key.

Configure re-marketing ads through Google and social media, ensuring they are relevant to that audience segment. 

For example, if you are promoting a specific boot camp program make sure your ads are relevant to the leads who have been visiting those pages or interacting with related content. Keeping things as relevant as possible will ensure your remarketing ads don’t feel unwelcome.

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