Gyms and Fitness Studio’s Should Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

Gyms and Fitness Studio’s Should Avoid These Social Media Mistakes

1. Don’t create too many social accounts .

Businesses sometime create official accounts on too many networks. This simply isn’t necessary. There’s no benefit in making an account on each network unless you’re planning to derive value from and be active on all those networks. If your target audience isn,t using certain social networks, then you shouldn’t be on them. Limit the amount of networks you’re on to solely those that are necessary and that you've got the time to devote to.

2. Don’t be vain 

Nobody likes sitting next to people that yack away forever about their successes, travels, adventures and war stories. They solely care about themselves and are annoying in real world and online. You'll be able to advertise your stuff once in a while, however don’t make your social experience all about you. People can get bored and leave. Too many business simply toss marketing junk onto social networks. To achieve success, you need to be social. which means making your own voice and sharing other people’s content. Don’t view social media marketing as a one-way street.

3. Create a plan and execute.

Don’t be a part of a social network simply because ‘everyone else is doing it’. Be strategic and have a clear plan. Consistency is crucial. Don’t post material before an event then go silent for a month. Produce a content calendar and map, and be consistent updating your social media pages.

Social media marketing can be very powerful. however produce too many pages, only mention yourself or go about the process without a plan, and it can be a disaster.

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