How gyms and fitness studios can improve client engagement by combining email marketing with social media

Improve client engagement by integrating social media with email marketing

Although email predates Facebook by a number of decades, coupling it with social media marketing will empower businesses to draw in additional online traffic and sales.

At Lead Generations, we believe the key to an efficient strategy is integrating email and social media. Below are some examples of how to use these 2 tools to enhance engagement with clients:

Don’t keep your Twitter followers and email subscribers separate.

Use share buttons in emails and ask them to ‘like’ you on Facebook. Sharing buttons in email isn’t a bad idea when used properly; but, be careful, because the distinction between effective use of social sharing buttons and ineffective use in an email message or news report simply boils down to how it's displayed and integrated into your message. If you've got over 5 social media sharing buttons, you’ll lose people. only link to the top channels your personas participate in.

Use social media

Make it straightforward for prospective customers to subscribe to your email list by reducing all barriers. Social media marketing channels make it simple to build your list. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have free and paid choices to help with this. Brainstorm a compelling offer (use past data to come up with a really engaging offer) and put it out there for your future customers to engage with.

Encourage interaction by inquiring for feedback 

The most effective calls-to-action, particularly in email, are straightforward and stand out. You may be tempted to make a graphic-intensive email message with flashy buttons and widgets, however avoid information overload; funnel your message right down to something clear and succinct. Your conversion rates will improve and subscribers will stay loyal. Knowledgeable social media marketing specialists ask questions.

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