How gym owners can include snapchat in their marketing plan

How business owners can include snapchat in their marketing plan

Are you trying to find new ways that to add mobile to your marketing plan? Do you need to deliver time-sensitive offer to your clients? If so, the image messaging app Snapchat may very be useful to your business.

It’s a well-liked mobile app (it logs over four hundred million messages each day) that shares photos and videos that disappear after a brief period of time.

A Snapchat image, or ‘snap’, is available for a set time limit (from one to ten seconds) once the user opens it. However, the Snapchat Stories feature permits things to be available for up to twenty four hours.

The restricted time period makes Snapchat the perfect tool to deliver a call-to-action that creates excitement and a sense of urgency.

Here are four creative ways in which you can leverage Snapchat to market your business:

1. Reward current customers with mobile coupons 

Snapchat allows businesses to deliver offers and coupons in a matter of seconds. Coupon snaps not only reward customers, but they'll also give an incentive to bring them back for more.

2. Gain new followers with a giveaway In an identical method. 

Coupons can retain customers. Giveaways put you in touch with new ones and generate leads. The giveaway incentive helps you build a follower base that receives future giveaway offers and coupon codes.

You can use a giveaway to encourage fans from different social platforms, as well as your website, to add your restaurant on Snapchat and find their friends to add you as well. You'll  also be able to track your new subscribers with a straightforward hashtag that reinforces your brand.

3. Take people behind the scenes

Snapchat has a stories feature that lets businesses send a mixture of images and five-second videos to tell a story.

If you have got plenty of fun behind-the-scenes footage, provide your followers a taste with a story. At the end of the story, include a teaser and send fans to your website.

4. Preview a brand new service or product

Sneak peeks on Snapchat is an excellent way to create customer loyalty and highlight a new product or service before it's made available. Your businesses snaps may include a string of teasers leading up to the launch.

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