Is it time to update your gym or fitness studios website?

Is it time to update your gym or fitness studio’s website?

It could be said that Google is the new Yellow Pages, and that means a strong web presence is vital to every gym marketing strategy.

If it’s been a while since you took a good hard look at your companies website to evaluate its effectiveness, there’s no better time than the present. 

Below are twenty questions to determine if your website is doing its job and providing your gym with a healthy dose of web traffic, and people through the door.

1. Does your gyms website receive more than 100 visitors each month?

3. Do you have at least one white paper or offer for your primary target market on your website?

4. Does your gyms website support a blog that’s updated at least once per month?

5. Does your website contain a lead capturing form?

6. Is your navigation easy to use and find?

7. Does your website include at least two strong calls-to-action?

8. Do web visitors regularly click on the calls-to-action?

10. Has your business information been updated as your team grows or changes?

11. Is the site’s web design appealing and compelling?

12. Can visitors find your phone number and address without searching for it?

13. Does your site utilise social sharing buttons?

14. Is your business website mobile-friendly?

15. Has your site been optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings?

16. Are the fonts, colours and layout consistent and reflective of your business branding?

18. Is the font easy to read and at least 14 pt or higher?

19. Does every link on your site work properly? Have you tested it?

20. Do customers refer to your website to answer questions or book appointments?

If you have answered ‘no’ to more than half of these questions, then it’s time for a website makeover.

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