Using Twitter can be an effective way to grow your businesses customer base

Many businesses have taken to social networking in droves to promote, advertise and attract new customers. Twitter is a powerful platform for busy business owners to connect with a large population of potential customers. Twitter lets your business tweet short updates in 280 characters or less and reach out to your customers

Aside from being an extremely convenient technique of social networking, Twitter offers some good ways to leverage their services to expand your businesses customer base

New updates Keep your customers and followers in-the-know with quick, easy updates on the goings-on in your business. It takes little time and energy to use Twitter to open a channel with your customers.

Marketing tools Twitter’s marketing tools allow you to produce custom Twitter buttons and widgets for your website to better leverage your feed. You'll be able to make the most of Twitter ads to use paid promotion to reach a bigger audience.

Client interaction Interaction is perhaps the foremost vital component of social networking that may facilitate restaurants expansion. Twitter enables you to reach your customers in real-time, and they can share and reply to your messages just as quickly.

Following relevant companies - Not only are you able to build your own following, but you'll be able to follow and keep tabs on your competition to get a grasp on what the restaurant industry is doing

Contests and deals - Twitter contests have become a popular method of leveraging this huge social network to bring in new customers. By advertising coupons, special deals or letting your customers ‘gift’ their friends using Twitter, you take away several barriers to traditional contests and discount

Going Viral - Tweets are prime candidates for viral material. The easy-to-digest nature of Twitter updates means people can quickly share or re-tweet your updates, and they can spread rapidly.

Twitter lists - Lists are the simplest way for Twitter users to make lists of helpful businesses or pages. Getting your business added to a preferred list will mean long-term exposure and traffic with least effort.

Increase traffic You can include your company URL in your Twitter profile, post links to your site and use tweets to drive additional traffic to your business.

Biographies Twitter enables you to create a bio for your company that summarises what you are doing and who you are. It’s an excellent way to reach out to a huge audience and deliver your message in brief, graspable terms.

Local followers You can leverage Twitter to tap into local business’ by target geographic locations or local news and happenings. Creating the most of local business’ is one of the nice benefits that social media has to offer.

Armed with an understanding of what Twitter can do for your business you’re able to begin using this powerful platform to bring in new customers through your doors

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